Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians Of The Galaxy is James Gunn's 2014 science-fiction action adventure film American Adventures. The film is a big blockbuster hit a lot in the year of Marvels. This difference is a completely new team, weird and weird from all over the galaxy. The squad consists of members who are an explorer of the universe - Peter Quill, an American panda who abuses the gun - Rocket, a tree-like creature - Groot, a green skin assassin - Gamora, and a destructive warrior - Drax. A fairly familiar task of the team is to save the world from the threat of destruction under Thanos, the most powerful and powerful in the universe. A difficult task and many difficult challenges. Will that guard have rescued the Milky Way?

Genres: Action, Adventure, Science Fiction




Country: United Kingdom

Duration: 121 min

Release: 2014